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Reviews of the Best Penny Auctions Today is here to provide a comprehensive review of the various penny auction websites out there. With so many penny auctions to choose from, we know it can get confusing for both new-bidders and even the most experienced bidders. Each of our reviews provides useful details such as bidding tactics, how to contact and register with the penny auctions, and tips that will ultimately save you more money!

2017 Penny Auction Rankings

Ranking Auction Penny Auction Features  Free Bids and Offers Links
2nd happybidday-penny-auction Free auctions, buy it, variety, medium competition. 50 sign-up Happy Bids, 20%-40% first bid package using BPA20 Read Review Try It
1st quibids-penny-auction BBB ‘A’ Rating, Buy it auctions, ‘Badges’ for free bids 3 free sign up bids Read Review Try It
3rd MadBid-penny-auction Good reputation, earned discounts for lost auctions None Read Review Try It
orangebidz-penny-auction Beginner auctions, bid free auctions, low competition Sign-up and get 2 free bids Read Review Try It


About Penny Auctions

So what’s are penny auctions sites anyway? Penny Auctions are websites where you typically pay to bid up one penny at a time on specific items in hopes of landing an awesome deal on stuff like iPads, TV’s, and many other items…the product list is endless.

Which Penny Auctions are “The Best”?

So which penny auctions are the best? Well of course it’s the one where you’re most likely to win! But…you have to be careful. It’s super easy to throw all of your money away if you jump in without a strategy.

Are Some Penny Auctions Cheaper Than Others?

So which penny auction sites deliver the best deals on a regular basis? This is one of the most common questions we receive. The whole point of penny auctions are to score the best deal possible on top-notch products. So which penny auction sites… Read More

What Are Penny Auction Average Selling Prices?

If you’re bidding on any item in a penny auction, especially a higher ticket item, you should always go in with a maximum price in your mind prior to entering. This maximum price should be based on the average that is paid by other bidders in the past, for the same item. A good… Read More

Do Penny Auctions Offer Free Shipping?

Here you will find an all inclusive penny auction shipping guide, for those of you concerned with the associated costs. Many of the top penny auction sites are very open about their fees and/or free shipping policy. We suggest you check the shipping prices… Read More

Fear of Penny Auction Sites?

Does bidding on a penny auction site scare you? A lot of people have been asking us about the risks associated with penny auctions. Here are a few issues we found when dealing with penny auction sites. The Risks of Betting … and bidding. The house gets rich. Of course in the end… Read More

Holiday Shopping At Penny Auctions?

A smart and fun way to score an amazing deal on big-ticket items this year is to try your hand on a penny auction website! You can bid on iPhones, laptops, jewellery…almost anything you can think of is on there. You can get these amazing products at even better… Read More

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Penny Auction FAQ

Are penny auctions scams?

While I can’t deny the fact that there are some scam penny auction sites out there, I am confident that the penny auction platform itself is not a scam. The format and rules are fair and bidding is always… Read More

How do penny auction sites generate profit?

Penny Auction sites earn money from the bids and bid packages they sell. Compared to other retailers, penny auctions usually sell their merchandise at lower prices because their main… Read More

How do penny auctions work?

It’s actually very simple. Users purchase bid packages which contains several bids. They then use these non-refundable (although there are some exceptions) bids to participate in online auctions. Once the timer reaches zero, the auction ends and the last bidder… Read More

Is a penny auction site?

No. Like penny auction sites, promotes huge savings to its users. However, it does not require the user to pay for bids. Only the user who won the auction pays the auction price… Read More

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